Upgrade Information

Upgrade to the Farm Files 4.7 accounting software from all previous Premier versions for only $120.00

Note: To get this special rate, Farm Files 1.0 to 2.2 customers will need to run two separate programs on your computer. The older version of Farm Files will keep all your old data and Farm Files 4.0 will keep your new data. If you need to import your old data into the new version, please contact or email the sales department for a quote on this fee. Farm Files 4.5 will automatically pull Farm Files 3.0 information into the database at no additional costs. To determine your current version, please look at your CD's or disks that came with the program.

Below is a listing of the enhancements made to Farm Files for specific versions.

Farm Files 4.6 to 4.7

  • Farm Files now compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7

Farm Files 4.5 to 4.6

  • Enhancements to Chemical and Fertilizer sections
  • New miscellaneous reports

Farm Files 4.3 to 4.5

  • New inventory tracking system that allows you to purchase fertilizer, chemicals, and seed inventory. As you start to use this fertilizer it will deplete it from your current inventory and give you an outstanding balance left. It also breaks down the actual cost that was used on a specific field, so you have a good idea on your cost per acre for a field.
  • New labor section that lets you pay a company for person for a tillage operation
  • New and improved reporting.
  • Keeps track of supplier information.

Farm Files 4.2 to 4.3

  • Ability to create an invoice for chemical applications that can be used to send to your landlord/tenants.
  • New enhanced backup utility that allows you to backup the database to a floppy disk from within Farm Files
  • By pressing the F1 key, you can view a on-line manual for help.
  • By going to the Help pull down and selecting Farm Files Demo, you can view the demo for a particular section within Farm Files.
  • Database was split which will improve networked architectures.

Farm Files 4.1 to 4.2

  • New report to print the field maps.
  • Major change to the fertilizer section to allow users to attach multiple fertilizers to a specific field.
  • Fertilizer report that calculates the total pounds of product for each element that was used.
  • Ability to track the application cost of the fertilizer as well as each fertilizer cost.
  • Over 200 chemicals and their epa #'s are entered into the system.
  • Ability to track the application cost of the chemicals as well as each chemical cost.
  • Two new reports that list out all the expenses for the year by date instead of just by field.
  • Income section was modified so that one page is used to sell grain and the other page is used for other income. (More user friendly.)
  • Ability to use leased rates for your tillage and fertilizer operations.

Farm Files 4.0 to 4.1

  • Ability to split expenses by landlord/tenant for chemicals, fertilizer, planting, tillage, and misc. expenses.
  • Added Protein/Oil field to harvest section
  • Harvest report averages the moisture, test weight and protein for the tickets
  • Ability to print or not print the wet and dry bushels in the harvest report.
  • New Net Income By Tenant Share % Report
  • New Expenses By Tenant Share % Report
  • Ability to calculate moisture shrinkages based on the NetSum method.
  • Configurations section to help save you time

Farm Files 3.0 to 4.0

  • Field Mapping
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Improved database performance speeds up report generation.

Farm Files 2.1 to 4.0

  • Improved Field Input Form
  • Improved Chemical Form
  • Track Tillage Cost by acre
  • Field Mapping
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Improved database performance speeds up report generation.
  • Several other smaller enhancements to make Farm Files a better product and easier to run.

Farm Files 1.4 to 4.0

  • Trucking Invoice Generation
  • Forward Contracting
  • Expense Tracking
  • Income Tracking
  • Improved Fertilizer Form
  • Improved Field Input Form
  • Improved Chemical Form
  • Field Mapping
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Improved database performance speeds up report generation.
  • Backup Utility to backup your database file
  • Demo CD to walk and talk your way through Farm Files