Farm Files Livestock™


Farm Files Livestock is a livestock software package that tracks breeds, treatments, purchase and sales transactions, deaths, and blood lines for your cattle.


Cattle Maintenance

The cattle maintenance forms allow you to keep track of your cows, calves, and breeding bulls. You can track tag#, sex, breed, mother, father, birth date, ease of birth, current location, acquired by, acquired date, castration date, pelvis, mouth, body, bangs id, bangs prefix and tattoo.

Cattle Weights

This section allows you to weigh any animal in your current herd on any given date. There is also a report that will calculate the average weight gain per day as well as by location.


The breeding section allows you to breed your bulls to cows/heifers. There is also a section that allows you to do artificial insemination.


There are two treatments sections that allow you to administer treatments/immunizations to your herd. The first is used to administer a treatment to an individual animal. The other sections allow you to treat certain groups such as all of your heifers, steers, bulls, cows or whole herd. This section will save you a lot of time if you administered a large group.


There are five sections in Farm Files Livestock that allow you to sell or purchase cattle. In these areas you can keep track of the tag#, sales/purchase location, date, price, unit of measure, weight, and any other general comments you may have.

Animal Deaths

This section allows you to keep track of your animals that have died, the date they died and the reason.


The genealogy section allows you to print a chart showing the blood lines of your animals.

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