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Farm Files Crops™ is an agricultural software package that tracks harvest data, crops, chemicals, fertilizer, planting, tillage, contracts, elevator inventory, expenses, net income, custom trucking and field mapping for your farm. This farm software allows you to track important information on your farm such as the previous crop, condition of the field when planted, planting depth, planting population, rates, etc. Generate farm record keeping reports to use at your local FSA office and insurance agency to prove your crop yields.

This agricultural software package allows you to generate custom-made reports for a specific person, year, field, commodity, or elevator to send to your tenants or landlords.

Farm Files was designed for hard working farmers with a full schedule. We know from our own experience in farming what a farm record system needs and doesn't need. After all, we have lived and worked on a family farm most of our life.

Regulatory headaches? Not to worry. Farm Files Crops is compliant with the latest Government Chemical Regulations. Rest assured that your records will exceed governmental standards. The cost for Farm Files Crops is $199.95. (30 day money-back guarantee)

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These are some of the areas in our farm management software that we've broken out due to the size of the downloads so you can view them at your convenience.

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To download a trial copy of Farmfiles Livestock

Cattle Maintenance

The cattle maintenance forms allow you to keep track of your cows, calves, and breeding bulls. You can track tag#, sex, breed, mother, father, birth date, ease of birth, current location, acquired by, acquired date, castration date, pelvis, mouth, body, bangs id, bangs prefix and tattoo.

Cattle Weights

This section allows you to weigh any animal in your current herd on any given date.There is also a report that will calculate the average weight gain per day as well as by location.